Data Migration Services

Several steps are needed. Firstly source and target systems need to be mapped, i.e. where is data going from and to. Transformations will need to be defined, data enhancements identified and incorporated, information cleansed and relationships captured and reapplied.

If you’re worried that you could be the 84% who won’t succeed then you might consider our service. We have a wide range of skills and experience in all aspects of data migration. Our team has been involved in successfully migrating data for over 200 clients to their new systems/ ERPs. To understand the scope of the types of data migration projects we have been effectively involved, following are what it normally entains: a typical migration project will involve more that 2500 fields and will have over 100 million rows of data. Our experience in being able to migrate such volumes of data, accurately and in time has been a benchmark we have set for ourselves.

We have over time also been able to build a field tested, streamlined migration methodology that is highly viable and our own.