Business Intelligence

As an integral part of Business Process Improvement Services, Exolutus designs Business Information (BI) system via cooperation and consultation with client management to identify information value and indicators. The BI design incorporates Key Performance Metrics, BI platform options, and Information Access Methods like scorecards, dashboards, data cubes for analysis, and report processing.

Key Performance Metrics are designed and developed with the participation of the business users. With the help of these custom tools, business users with the power of BI get to understand best metric practice for their enterprise, and further gain knowledge on the required information that will help improve the business results.

The last few years have witnessed great pervasion of Information Access Methods. Today’s ERP systems allow a number of ways to enhance access to information. Some available methods include Dashboards (a display of business metric in graphical illustration), Scorecards (a display of graphical illustration against a business plan with status indicated by red, yellow, and green buttons, or trend arrows), Data Cubes (collection of periodical transaction information structured by the business outlook of the information, allowing the user to “slice and dice” or navigate the information for analysis and trend insight), and Report Publishing (electronic scheduling and publishing of information to users, customers, distributors, etc.)