Digital Learning System (Multi-Platform)

Online Course Deliver System

An online based digital learning system that allows for custom training and evaluation programs to be built and deployed to multi-platform users.

Use case scenarios:

  • Traditional educational institution that want to take their course materials online and allow for remote learning, evaluation and certification.
  • Corporate and government institutions that want to implement new process can use our platform as an accelerated training medium as well as assess the learning
  • Corporation and government institutions can use this platform for internal tests and assessments.
  • Corporation and government institutions can use this platform to teach new software, evaluate users and certify.
  • The client side user application is available on the web, mobile and also offline desktop environments.

Digital Learning System Multi Platform

Features of the platform:

  • Courses can have open or close enrollments
    • Open Enrollment : Anyone who has access to the application can take the course.
    • Close Enrollment : Only selected users can take the course
    • The course may contain credit points. Upon completion of open enrollment courses, the user is provided with an online certificate.
    • The progress of course taken in one medium (web, mobile or offline desktop) can easily be synchronized into another medium.
    • Dynamic module/syllabus structure of the course.
    • The content creators of the course can lock the particular module he/she is working on to prevent other content creators in the same course to change their contents.
    • If the mentor is assigned to the user, he/she can communicate with the mentor using online messaging system available in the application.
    • Mentors can also evaluate the course progress of their pupil by logging into Admin section.
    • The application contains various learning modules (powerpoint presentation, video/audio lectures), problem solving modules (matching exercise, ordering exercise, category exercise, single/multiple choice questions, open text questions), case studies, resource library, log books, etc.
    • The contents of log books are mailed to the admin/mentor as soon as the user completes it.
    • Each module inside a course can have pre-requisites which can allow/stop the user from moving on to the next module.