Round Kit (RK) Time Slot Management (Under Development)

Round Kit (RK) is the easiest way to manage time slot for all types of time bound service selling organizations. Do you sell services such as swim, ballet, soccer, martial arts or any other type of services where multiple levels of classes need to be availed to prospective students as well as teachers and instructors?
RK has been developed with the mindset that even a grandmother should be able to find a course/class that is available, choose the right slot and self-enroll. All of this can be done on our online portal or using our mobile application that is available in both Android and IOs. Course managers don’t need to shuffle through stacks of paper to find out who is enrolled or not in courses. Find out how many seats are available in which classes via the click of a few buttons. Assign instructors for classes the same way. Our apps also notify perspective students or their guardians if slots become available for time slots they are after.

The benefits of Round Kit to organizations can include:

  • Workload anticipation in real time with real time visibility
  • Increase bookings accuracy through client self-booking and also central booking
  • Automate invoicing and accountability through online payments
  • Improve quality of delivery and customer satisfaction