NSI Successfully Uses Budgeting, Procurement and Expenses Management System

The Nick Simons Institute (NSI, nsi.edu.np) is a Nepal-based organization whose mission is to train and support competent health care workers for rural Nepal. Their operation is spread through the country and is growing its operations year over.

NSI is successfully using our Budgeting, Procurement and Expenses management system for the past one and half years to manage, monitor and report all finance related exercises.

Bikash Shrestha, finance manager at NSI had the following to say about our application and service:

This system has streamlined our budgeting, procurement and payment system. Consequently, time spent on report generation has come down from days to instant reports. Budget Managers are no longer dependent on the finance department for their expense report as they can track their budget and expense themselves. Further, they can track the progress of their procurement request. These changes have led to independence, time savings, significantly reduced paper work and allowed us to manage the increasing transactions.

On our part we at Exolutus absolutely enjoyed the challenge of converting NSI’s finance systems and bringing about automation that affects productivity and usability directly. The overhaul of workflows following system conversion was a huge challenge technically for us and culturally for NSI, but both our organizations came through it with no major glitches. This rich interactive experience has emboldened us to say that we at Exolutus consider ourselves partners with NSI.